Archive Attender Version 4.3

Newly released version

A new version of Archive Attender for Exchange, Sherpa’s mailbox and PST data archiving solution, has been released and is now available for download. This update is highly recommended for Archive Attender users as it contains a number of fixes and enhancements to increase performance and usability. Some of which include:

Customer requested features have been added to the Admin search console. Archive Attender now has an option to remove duplicates from the Administrator search screen to address cases where users need a unique set of results.

Another feature gives control to users who need to pinpoint the clean-up of their archives. The new ‘Delete Messages’ option removes messages from the archive directly from the search result screen. This helps to tidy up messages outside of routine archive maintenance efforts.
Also, a new ‘Export to CSV’ reporting option allows users to create a sharable list of result items without actually creating a data set.

Archive Management
A number of additions have been included to version 4.3 to help organize archives. A new option has been added to improve coordination with Active Directory, including the option to restore deleted users. Mailbox lists can now be exported to CSV files and logic has been added to clear message caches and resolve database purge issues.

Notes on Migration
We highly encourage you to contact technical support if you are planning to migrate your Archive Attender installation or your archive data stores to a new server. There are several items to consider:

Verify that the new machine can run .Net 4.0.
Archive information may need to be copied to the new machine if that data is not currently on a SAN or NAS.

The SERVICES folder is essential to maintain configuration details. It will need to be copied from the installation directory of the old machine over to a temp folder on your new machine.
Registry settings must be maintained. To do so, export the registry values found under: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Sherpa Software Group\Archive Attender for Exchange.

As a reminder, versions 3.5 and below of Archive Attender are no longer supported. If you are still using 3.5 and qualify for an upgrade, please schedule an appointment with the technical support team to assist you in upgrading or migrating to the latest release.