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Alliance Coal, LLC


With over 475 mailboxes, two clustered servers and 15 locations, Alliance Coal, LLC began looking for a solution that would assist them in addressing issues such as archiving, mailbox reclamation and centralized management. With roughly 12% of their users over 2G mailbox size, performance concerns were rising. “At Lotusphere, we met with several vendors on our short list,” says Richard Armstrong, Senior Domino Engineer at Alliance Coal LLC. “The challenge was trying to find a Domino specific product that was easy to maintain, straightforward and had a rich feature set for future projects.”

Alliance Coal was also challenged with a request from their legal department to perform electronic data discovery on email communications. Alliance knew it needed an easy-to-use and affordable solution powerful enough to find and produce the needed data. With a small email environment of 650 users and only one person dedicated to managing email systems, Alliance was tasked with discovering content within emails and attachments containing specific key words or phrases and exporting the data in a specific format to outside consultants for further review.


Alliance Coal, LLC selected Mail Attender for Notes from Sherpa Software. “Mail Attender was easy to use right out of the gate with the install,” says Armstrong. “It’s hard for administrators to reduce mail size on their own. I needed a solution that would do the work for me. I don’t have a lot of time to spend on any one project. My plate is full of projects so ease of use is critical to me.” After the easy installation and configuration, Mail Attender began notifying users and archiving attachments over 6 months old. Additionally, it provides users access to their archived documents and attachments.

Alliance was already using Sherpa Software Mail Attender for Lotus Notes to manage email archiving and had been experiencing positive results. This led the company to look to Sherpa for a solution to meet its electronic discovery needs. Sherpa’s experienced professionals were able to deliver and configure a demonstration version of Sherpa Software’s Discovery Attender for Lotus Notes in a matter of hours. After a few searches, the ease and power of the product was evident, and Alliance purchased Discovery Attender the same day.


As a result, all current users are under a 2G mailbox size and over 175G of attachments have been off loaded to less expensive, secondary drive technology. “Our users have been doing really well with Mail Attender,” adds Armstrong. “Our goal was to make sure there was not a lot of work for the users. Mail Attender fulfilled that goal and gave our users full access to their attachments without filling their mailboxes. The combination of the attractive price, features and easy installation makes Mail Attender a great fit for many companies.”
p. Additionally, Discovery Attender for Notes has made data discovery requests that could have been difficult and expensive to respond to and turned them into very simple tasks. Sherpa’s product specialists were able to assist with the installation and configuration of the software to comply with the output formula requested by outside consultants. Results came quick. Alliance’s legal team was amazed at how fast they were able to deliver the requested output. Alliance found the product very easy to learn and use, the price was right, and the data was thorough and complete.

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