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Crowe Horwath LLP


Crowe Horwath LLP is a leading provider of assurance, consulting, risk management, tax and technology services. With over 1800 employees using email for client and internal communications, the company was having difficulty controlling the sizes of their mail databases. Moreover, since they provide financial services, document management is critical. To help resolve these issues, an archiving application was installed. However, when Notes 6 was released, Crowe Horwath wanted to upgrade and the current archiving application did not support this version of Notes.


After looking at several solutions, Crowe Horwath decided on Mail Attender for Lotus Notes. “We had originally looked at Mail Attender a few years ago and loved the product. However, it lacked the key archiving abilities we required,” said Nanci Zehner, Systems Specialist. “Once we found out the type of archiving we wanted had been incorporated into the product, and it worked with Notes 6; it was an easy decision for us. The support and service Sherpa Software provides is one of their greatest strengths and was also a key factor in our selection of the product.” Mail Attender was installed for 1600 users across approximately 15 mail servers. Once the installation was completed, Crowe Horwath began using Mail Attender’s mail restrictions. They are also running rules to clean out specific folders and to first folder then archive documents older than 90 days from the Inbox and Sent views. Additionally, Mail Attender is collecting information about attachments such as types and sizes. “Our goal is to not use email for storage or for discovery in legal proceedings,” said Zehner. “It is critical that we get information from the mail databases into a system where it can be maintained and protected long-term.”


Once Crowe Horwath began using Mail Attender for Notes, immediate results were realized. “The burden and responsibility on our users for cleaning out the temporary/junk mail folders in their mail databases has been eliminated,” said Zehner. “In addition, our users became much more aware of the proper foldering and elimination of sent messages. Mail Attender relieves our end-users and our admin team of a great deal of manual work. Overall, we are very pleased with Mail Attender, and we have not even scratched the surface of what we plan to do with the product,” added Zehner. “We believe that Sherpa is committed to ongoing improvements and enhancements to their products and we are very pleased to be associated with such an innovative and forward-thinking company.”

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