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HeoWorks Business Solutions


HeoWorks Business Solutions, which provides outsourced IT and HR consulting services to companies in Victoria, British Columbia and the surrounding area, had implemented the FileSite document management system from Autonomy Interwoven. But the system, which stores all new emails in its database, was slowing the performance of its Microsoft Exchange environment. Because HeoWorks wasn’t planning to upgrade Exchange in the near term, the company needed a solution that would allow its Exchange system to run without interruption.


HeoWorks selected Archive Attender for Microsoft Exchange from Sherpa Software to resolve its issue. Emails older than three years are now stored in Archive Attender, and users can easily retrieve messages by searching via date, time, person or group of persons. HeoWorks is incorporating “wandering PST files” into Archive Attender as well, and a report of all PST files on the network and local machines which will be stored, too. Assistants who previously did not have access to PST files are now able to retrieve them, and the PST data has become part of HeoWorks’ back-up strategy. HeoWorks selected Archive Attender after considering over two dozen products. According to HeoWorks, “Archive Attender was by far the best of the bunch.”


During deployment, HeoWorks archived an entire test mailbox containing 2GB of data and found that, on average, Archive Attender reduced mailbox size by 85%. The company also pushed data back into the mailbox with ease, even while the mailbox was being used, and had zero problems. No longer does HeoWorks have to ask users to clean up their mailboxes — thus fewer calls to the help desk relating to over sized mailboxes — and IT isn’t burdened with managing PST files. The technician who installed the product said it was very easy to operate, and found that the database on the NAS would be very easy to restore in the event of a disaster. HeoWorks was expecting that outside of Exchange the email on the NAS would be larger than inside the Exchange database, but that proved not to be the case. The data actually shrank when HeoWorks archived it, reducing tape back-up time and costs. “We’ve noticed a significant improvement in the performance of local PCs since deploying Archive Attender.”

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