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Hewlett Packard


HP and Sherpa’s collaborative partnership was a perfect fit for a state credit union that has recently made the decision to house and manage all of their email and electronic documents on site, as opposed to outsourcing email. The credit union’s email store had grown dramatically and they had a government requirement to abide by compliance laws for financial institutions. Their current Exchange 2007 implementation by itself, did not meet their compliance and storage needs.


Through their combined efforts HP, Sherpa, and a Platinum Business Partner, offered a complete solution. Together, they offered compliance archiving through journaling and storage archiving by moving messages to the archive and leaving stubs behind for easy user access. Sherpa’s Archive Attender and PST Backup Attender for Exchange captures and sends messages from the Exchange journal, mailboxes and PST files to HP’s Blade Center SAN EVA storage box for short and long term storage. The credit union can now search, restore and set customizable retention periods for the data within the archive.


The joint HP and Sherpa solution has allowed the credit union to fulfill their compliance and storage email archiving requirements. Using Archive Attender, PST Backup Attender and the HP SAN EVA, the credit union is able to comply with industry laws and enforce ongoing corporate policies. The process this collaboration creates allows administrators to quickly and simply search their electronic documents, while allowing their users easy access to archived information.

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