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Kaspick & Company


Kaspick & Company is a provider of trust account investment and management services to non-profit institutions. Currently, Kaspick & Company manages over two billion dollars in trusts for over 50 major U.S clients. Because they are a financial services company, there are certain rules that govern their client communications and mandatory retention policies are required. To meet these requirements, client communications (in the form of email messages) were manually copied to a designated location and then printed out one by one. This was very time and labor intensive because a single person was undertaking the assignment, and because the messages were not indexed, and therefore, not searchable. In addition, the Exchange information store was difficult to manage because of its large size. Some emails were over seven-years old and had been inherited from three different email systems. In looking for a solution, Kaspick & Company had two goals. 1.) Satisfy client communications rules/retention policies by automating a very time intensive process. 2.) Reduce the size of the Exchange information store.


Bill Auclair, Senior Systems Administrator, looked at several products before settling on Mail Attender for Exchange. “I really liked having the ability to enable Mail Attender without having to install the product on my Exchange server. I am always hesitant to put any additional applications on our Exchange server unless it’s absolutely necessary,” said Auclair. “I love the fact that I have the ability to run the product from my workstation. It really makes a difference.” After the simple installation, Mail Attender was configured to manage 40 GB of storage space and was used to copy user email messages over two years old to a working mailbox, where they were converted to PST files and then burned to CD-ROM. A rule set was also set up to automatically delete any messages left in all users’ deleted items folders that were older than 30 days. “We have to keep our Exchange mail store as small and clean as possible and prevent our users from using their deleted items folder as a second inbox.” said Auclair.


Mail Attender processed the mail files and reduced the information store to 30 GB on its first run. Kaspick & Company is anticipating these numbers to further decrease to 20 GB (half of the original space used) within the first three months of use. In addition to removing unwanted files, Mail Attender is also automatically archiving email messages to specific folders based on search criteria; thus reducing the manual intervention previously required. “I am very happy with the overall product,” added Auclair. “It has done exactly what I needed it to do without a lot of strain on our Exchange server. I would recommend this product to anyone looking to get a better handle on the management of his or her mail.”

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