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Motor Coach Industries


Motor Coach Industries [MCI] is the leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of intercity coaches and coach-related parts and services for the U.S. and Canada. With over 1,400 email users across 14 servers, MCI was looking to have more internal controls over their information flow. “We needed to have better control over what type of information was leaving our system as well as control over what type of information was being stored within it,” said Dean Lause, Director of Networks & Operations Support. A contributing factor was that they are regulated by the Department of Transportation to store certain types of record/communications. A requirement was made to roll out all of the mail journals to an archive to ensure that all necessary information was secured.


MCI selected Mail Attender for Notes to help them with their archiving needs. “We chose Mail Attender due to the fact it was much more comprehensive than the other products we evaluated,” said Lause. “We saw many additional ways we could use the product beyond the archiving functionality.” Currently, MCI is doing some management on all mailboxes with Mail Attender, and are archiving anything in the ‘Personal’ mail folder that is over 180 days on selected mailboxes. The archiving process will eventually be rolled out to the entire company. MCI is also using Mail Attender to find orphan mail files and provide ACL enforcement.


Since the installation of Mail Attender, MCI has experienced an improvement in server performance. “It was not uncommon for us to have mail files that are 2-3GB in size and that affected performance,” said Lause. “By moving information out of the mail files and into an archive, we have seen both our server response time and end-user experience improve.” Another benefit of Mail Attender was the cost-savings it brought to MCI. “We are able to move the archives off of the high speed disks to a lower speed disks that are less expensive,” added Lause “By doing this, we can add twice the space at half the cost.”

In the future, MCI is looking to use the content management controls within Mail Attender to control any inappropriate content that is being exchanged internally and externally.

For more information on Motor Coach Industries, visit

For more information on Motor Coach Industries, visit

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