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PNC Financial Services


The financial services market is highly regulated, and when PNC Financial Services noticed a need for quota enforcement and document purging within its Lotus Notes email environment, the company began to look for a scalable email management solution that would tie well into its existing Domino environment. PNC has a strict email retention policy and needed to apply certain criteria to specific groups of users. Since different retention policies applied to different people, the company required a solution that would apply policies automatically, versus requiring the IT staff to do this manually.


According to PNC, the company tends to have a lengthy evaluation process. PNC selected Mail Attender for Lotus Notes from Sherpa Software to meet its needs. The biggest selling point for PNC was Mail Attender’s policy enforcement and email retention capabilities. “It meets the needs of PNC’s retention policy quite well, and it’s easy to use. It also meets our need for quota enforcement.” Since Mail Attender for Lotus Notes is written in Domino code, the solution was preferable to competing solutions because there were no operating system compatibility issues.


PNC has become a long-time user of Mail Attender and has been pleased with how the product has evolved. For example, PNC noted an increase in specific group-based needs and short-term exemptions, and Sherpa has evolved Mail Attender to meet these needs. PNC Financial Services is quite pleased with the solution, and according to the company, it probably isn’t being used to its fullest capabilities. “I think we could do more with Mail Attender if we wanted to. We have toyed with the idea of using Sherpa to cut down on the overall mail file size.” PNC has also been happy with Sherpa’s technical support. “We don’t need technical support very often, but Sherpa has been great on the occasions when we have needed it. Anyone who uses Lotus Notes should definitely look into Sherpa Mail Attender for Notes.”

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