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As one of the world’s largest logistics providers and transportation companies, Schenker has over 1,000 branches worldwide. In their seven Netherlands branches, over 2,000 internal and 1,500 external emails were being sent each day. This activity resulted in an increased strain on the servers from runaway disk space for PST files. “Email is a core business application,” said Alain Deroy, Senior Systems Administrator. “Our messaging system must perform well and be manageable for the Administrators. Downtime due to server strain is unacceptable and costs the company money.”


Schenker turned to Mail Attender for Exchange’s PST functionality for help. Mail Attender was installed to manage over 700 users covering 2,000 GB of SAN-storage. It was then configured to run weekly restrictions for PST file inventory, zipping of attachments and PST file compaction.


On its initial run using the attachment zip, Schenker regained 20 GB of storage on the SAN and expects this number to double once additional rules are implemented. “Keeping tabs on disk space usage has cut our costs and increased performance,” added Deroy. “I am very satisfied with Mail Attender. It does exactly what Schenker needed it to do.”

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