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Skaugen Petro-Trans, Inc


Skaugen Petro-Trans, Inc. is a fully dedicated lightering company operating out of Houston, Texas. In the last 20 years, they have performed more than 10,000 operations, transferring over 6 billion barrels of crude oil and petroleum products. In an effort to get ahead of the compliance curve and have more internal insight into what type of emails were being sent, received and stored by their users, Skaugen began to look for an archiving solution to manage and archive information from their users’ mailboxes.


Skaugen Petro-Trans selected Archive Attender from Sherpa Software to assist them with their archiving requirements. “Although we evaluated other solutions, Archive Attender was the most straight-forward” said Wilton Malone, Manager of Information Technology for Skaugen Petro-Trans. “We wanted a product that would not only do what we required but was also easy to use.” Currently, Skaugen is running policies that archive information by date for their 50 users three times a week. With the help of Archive Attender, users have also been given capabilities to retrieve their own messages from the archive via message stubs.


Although the Skaugen Petro-Trans users were initially apprehensive about the automated archiving procedures, they have since become very comfortable with the process and the product. “We have been very happy with the product. Not only have we reclaimed storage space, but we also really like the way Archive Attender stores archived messages without requiring any additional back-up agents. That’s a huge benefit for us. The product is very unobtrusive to our environment,” said Malone. “Any Exchange office can benefit from Archive Attender and the responsiveness of the Sherpa Technical Support Team has been an added bonus.”

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